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Cleaning Video & Description

Cleaning service 

The video above shows what usually happens when I clean vehicles. 

Don't forget that whilst I'm cleaning your pride and joy,

I also inspect them meticulously for faults that may need minor repairs; helping to avoid more costly issues later. 


All cleans are a Roof to wheels wash

All vehicles get a full Low pressure three stage hand wash.

This includes:-

1st All over Full wash which removes all the surface dirt and road grime using;

'Auto smart’s Snow Foam Pro "

2nd all the body is washed down by hand sponge and brushes to carefully remove

all the heavy ground-in dirt and majority of stains.

AutoSmart's 'G101' 

3rd Silky Caravan Cream cleaner (available in my shop)

The above is only used if extra detail is required but doesn't cost anymore. 

Why not have a spray treatment  called "Aquashine"

"Aquashine" A hydrophobic rinse coating which protects paintwork and livery and leaves a glossy, streak-free finish.

(This is only a temporary application and will need be reapplied after every wash)

The Minimum wash time is 2 hours.


If you want it done quickly and cheaply with the risk of water ingress use a jet washer.

if you want it done by someone who buys, sells and maintains caravans,

then give me a call.

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