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Hi I'm Mark When I'm cleaning I get a lot of customers asking how I got into cleaning Caravans etc. Well as I usually say I blame my brother Paul! 

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My Story

He started his own business on the back of me, having the idea of servicing Caravans. While I was driving the buses so he got a couple of years on me for that, so he now services, Caravans trailers, Motorhome, et cetera and buys as well. Check out his website . He rang me up one day in April 2014 and said I’ve got an idea. How about cleaning Caravans because there isn’t any people cleaning them so I thought that’s not a bad idea and something I can do or put myself to do, so from there I planned it out and ran it out of my trailer for a little while with a tank and all the chemicals in it. I was quite well organised with a set of ladders normal ladders then started to a customers who couldn’t clean his caravan  because of his fireman injurie's and he bought a set of steps. I now use to clean his caravan which he wasn’t able to do anymore. He said he was selling the steps so I arranged to go round and bought the steps off aof him and they lasted 2 years or so as fibreglass steps, and then I rebuilt them and have rebuilt them twice since then out of aluminium, Also I spoke to my employer who was my bus driver boss, who said why not advertise on Google and I learnt how to do that and get my website up and running. Since then it’s been snowball effect, bought a van changed everything to go into the van and then that got blown up by a engine repair place so I had to put a secondhand engine in it and then that was that, I decided to get rid of that and bought the van I run now, Then I realised there was a market for buying and selling caravan and espically selling motorhomes and caravans on behalf of of customers as well.

The person in the story started their own business based on the idea of servicing caravans. They initially started by cleaning caravans and eventually expanded into buying and selling caravans, trailers, motorhomes, and other vehicles. They started small with a trailer and a tank of chemicals, but then acquired a set of steps from a customer who couldn't clean his own caravan anymore. These steps lasted for 2 years before being rebuilt and replaced with aluminum versions. Their bus driver boss suggested advertising on Google, which led to further growth and expansion. They bought a van, but it was damaged and had to be repaired. Eventually, they decided to get rid of the van and focus on interiors. They also started buying and selling caravans and motorhomes on behalf of customers. Overall, the business has experienced ups and downs but has found success in various aspects of the caravan industry.

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