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Simply slides into your awning rail on any caravan or motor-home when it is in storage.

Stops the awning rail getting blocked by tree sap, dust, insects etc. allowing easy awning fitment when required.

Helps prevent black streaks on the side of the caravan by stopping water dripping of the rail.

Again this fitted to your Caravan ideally after cleaning It is usually always stocked on the van.  And instead of a set length that might fit the entire van I cut to the size of your rails. top to bottom for a set fee rather than per foot or set length like 12m cut into two.

Protects the rail against minor knocks/damage.

Supplied as a 12m length, which is enough for virtually all caravans. Simply feed into the rail and cut of the excess to get the perfect length for your caravan.

Offwhite colour designed to blend in with most caravans.

Top quality OEM grade.



Unlike the traditional Mechanical float system of any brand, the GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor works by measuring the liquid LPG in 1% increments from the very bottom of the bottle to the very top of the liquid inside  This accuracy makes the GAS IT Bluetooth enabled gas bottles perfect for every application as it will show you the gas level anywhere the Bluetooth will go to.  We have experienced being able to receive updates from our sensors mounted on GAS IT bottles in our company Motorhome gas locker over 28 ft away and when the sensors have been tested outside on domestic calor bottle applications we have experienced even further distances.
Once you buy a Bluetooth enabled GAS IT bottle if you have a smart device you don't need to purchase anything else as the Bluetooth signal from the bottle sensors works with a free App on your smart device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Tablet etc) and has some very cool features like low level warning notifications and full display of the actual gas level in the bottle. The gas level is updated every 1.5 seconds.
If you don't have a smart phone don't worry as we do sell a Bluetooth display monitor that can be purchased separately which will show you the gas level via 5 LED's.
The other benefit of the GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor kit (which can be bought as an individual sensor separately) will also work with other makes of gas bottles (like Calor, Flogas) and allow you to see all the gas bottles that are not possibly refillable in your locker, on one handsfree app.
The GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level enabled sensor system requires no wiring and is fully self-powered by its replaceable 2032 cell battery (lasting up to 2 years) and it can be removed and used on other gas bottles in the future.



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Gas-it Bluetooth level indicator and app
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