11kg GAS IT Gen2 Refillable Gas Bottle with Gas Level Indicator

11kg GAS IT Gen2 Refillable Gas Bottle with Gas Level Indicator

This is the latest GAS IT 11kg Gen2 bottle which comse supplied with either a mechanical Gas level indicator and you have the option of upgrading during the purchase (at a subsidised low one off price) to the brilliant 'top to bottom reading' GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor for connection to your own Smart device via our free app - No wiring needed.  This offers superior gas level reporting and is more accurate than any other mechanical refillable gas bottle on the market.

This is for a single bottle on its own. To use this bottle you need other items like fillpoints, fillhose, pigtails and so on buying separately to work. If you are looking for a full working system visit the GAS IT bottle Kits section where you have the options to either select a pre listed kit, or build your own kit.

GAS IT Gen2 Self Refillable gas bottle are easy to use, save you money and are super convenient to use and fill up, so what makes the GAS IT refillable gas bottle system stand out above the rest :-

1) Easy to install

2) Cheap to refill

3) Refill with ease anywhere using everyday Autogas - including Europe ( requires refill adaptors bought separately )

4) No Lifting and carrying of exchange gas bottles.

5) No having to send back part filled exchange bottles, just incase you need more gas on the next trip.

6) Fully size removable Carry handle / Shroud which offers the highest level of protection in the steel self refillable bottle industry to date but can be easily removed ( reducing even more weight ) by disconnecting 3 nuts & bolts

8) Exterior mounted non calibrated, mechanical gas level gauge shows Indication of gas level within the bottle. Please note : No mechanical gas level indicator, in any brand of gas bottle, can read from the very bottom to the very top og the gas level.  For a more accurate and remote reading capability, from the top to the bottom of the bottle, we also list the option of buying our recommended GAS IT Bluetooth Ultrasonic gas level sensor or you can in the future buy the Bluetooth sensor separately option and upgrade at a later date. 

These GAS IT bottles come with our latest overfill prevention shut off fill system making the refilling process Childs play, also connecting a GAS IT bottle to your regulator is no harder than you using your normal exchange type gas bottle.

This GAS IT brand of GAS IT Gen2 Refillable gas bottle is designed to be refilled with cheap Autogas at any Autogas / LPG station in the UK and Europe.  Autogas is normally sold several times cheaper than renting and exchange your normal brand of exchange gas bottles plus you have the luxury of being able to fill up when you want, and where you want. so you'll never run out of gas again.

GAS IT bottles and valve system are manufactured in Europe and are fitted with a proven automatic Overfill protection device system, meaning you simply attach the Autogas pump to your vehicle mounted LPG fillpoint, and when the gas bottle is full, it stops filling.

Do you want to keep your existing exchange type bottle as a spare, or use it till you've used all the gas in it?  No problem.  Its easy to have any mixture of GAS IT self refillable bottles and exchange type gas bottles because you can also use the GAS IT bottles along side your normal Calor, Flogas type exchange bottles because once the GAS IT bottles have been filled by you, they function in the same way a normal gas bottle does.